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Engineering Final Exam Project
As you have learned, a big part of being an engineer is being able to methodically work to solve a problem. The design process is your roadmap for this problem solving work. You have also seen the importance of documenting your work. Your final exam will consist of selecting a problem and using the design process to solve that problem.

As an engineering student you will be presented with many chances to solve problems. Many times solving these problems will present you an opportunity to benefit financially via scholarships and prizes.

How your final exam will work:
1) Choose a design contest, several have been listed on Mr. Brownhill's Moodle Website.
2) Complete the challenge following the contest rules.
3) Document how you followed the design process to complete the challenge.
4) Present your project to the class. These presentations will occur during final exam week.

Your grade will be based on the following:
1) Adherence to the contest rules and regulations.
2) How well you followed and documented your use of the design process to complete the challenge.
3) Your presentation to the class regarding your project.

You must receive approval from your instructor regarding group members and challenge before proceeding. Below are several projects that are acceptable. If you find a project that is not on this list you will need approval from your instructor.

Some available contests:
2013 Extreme Redesign 3D Printing Challenge
AbilityOne Design Challenge
National STEM Video Game Challenge
Women in Engineering Robot Challenge
FAA Real World Design Challenge
West Point Bridge Design

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H1N1 Continuity Plans
Day 1: Super Scientists
Day 2: Metric Challenge
Day 3: Top 10 Most Polluted Sites
Day 4: Amazing Compounds
Day 5: Elemental Puns
Day 6: Elemental puns 2
Day 7: Elements X-Word

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